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Another area of our expertise is contract catering. In our contracts we provide a high-quality bespoke service for our clients, working within a budget and effectively managing dietary requirements to feed your crew day in day out. We stay in direct contact with our clients throughout the duration of each contract, keeping menus fresh and continuously managing expectations.

We are always on the lookout for new opportunities and are consistently proving that we can cater in almost every type of environment. Whether you need a team to come into your business and operate your catering facilities, or require one of our mobile appliances deployed to your location, we have it covered.


We recently completed a 20 week contract for Scottish Power in the North of Scotland, consisting of meals for up to 300 crew members per day. We operated 7 days a week, providing breakfast and lunch for the entire workforce. Our presence on site was much welcomed from the get-go. Before our arrival, the workforce would have to venture a long way from the remote site to source their meals and snacks for the day.

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