sports broadcast

On a weekly basis, we provide broadcasters nationwide with our services at live sporting events. Football, Rugby, Athletics, we are highly experienced in providing an excellent location catering experience to production teams of all sizes.

In addition to one off fixtures, we are well accustomed to catering for larger scale sporting events.


During the Glasgow Commonwealth Games we were the sole contracted caterer by the Host Broadcaster, tasked with delivering high volume crew catering to 16 locations. We designed and constructed 16 individual kitchens along with servery stations, fully equipped with the best equipment to cater for the required volume at each venue. Our management team was on hand at all times and in contact with each sites production manager, ensuring all venues requirements were delivered in the daily changing environment of live televised sport.

In the two years prior to the event we worked closely with the production team to fine tune our menus and work efficiently within their budget. We also liaised with the event organizers and the local authorities, covering important topics including Logistics, MDS, Staff Accreditation and Environmental Compliance.